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The name "Ghost Town" comes from a time in my life when I was living outside of Detroit and spending a lot of time, both solo and with friends, exploring the many abandoned factories and buildings of the city. I've always been fascinated with empty spaces and those that have been forgotten. To be able to enter a place like that, to learn it's history, and to try to put together some of the pieces of a place's past will always be something that I love very much. "Ghost Town" is a combination of my past experiences with my current life in an illustrated form. 

Over the last few years, I have spent time developing a style based off of early 1900’s black and white cartoons blended with a more modern twist of both imagery and events. Using clean lines and vibrant emotion, the pieces themselves are rather straightforward with their interpretations being delivered to the viewers more plainly. Not all art needs an intense and multi-layered meaning. My artwork functions as a space to just make folks feel relaxed and happy.